Silk screen printing and hot stamp

Low temperature silk screen printing

Material: Low temperature ink

Advantages/Disadvantages: Low temperature ink can be applied on sprayed bottles and there are more color options. But the adhesiveness of the ink is not as good as the high temperature silk screen printing.

High temperature silk screen printing

Material: High temperature ink

Advantages/Disadvantages: The ink is long lasting and the printing effect is more three dimensional than low temperature silk screen printing. Some silk screen color is not available in high temperature ink.

Hot stamp printing

Process: A low temperature silk screen is apply first and hot stamp foil is printed on the first layer of silk screen.

Effect: This process gives the artwork a high end looking but it’s easily damaged from abrasion. Hot stamp product needs to be packed with plasterized divider or individual bag to avoid abrasion.


Glass is submerged in solution to create matte finish surface.


Color spray the surface of the glass to give glass a different color looking

Transparent coating

After ink is applied to glass, the bulk can still be seen.

Non clear coating

After ink is applied to glass, the bulk can't be seen.

Pearlescent Coating

The spray ink contains metallic or pearl powder which creates pearl flashing effect.

Matte Coating

Matte finish looking spray.


Vacuum metalized glass which creates metal finish looking.