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Jih Hsin Glass Co. Ltd is leading skincare and cosmetic glass container manufacturer in Taiwan. For over forty years, we have been providing the highest quality products by automated production for our domestic and international customers, tailored to your specific need and requirements.

To save our customers’ time, we offer a full range of services including: production and post production printing, frosting and color spraying. We can also source customized accessories such as pumps and caps to meet your requirements.

Our main products range from skin care bottle, perfume bottle, and nail bottle to pharmaceutical and beverage bottle.

  1. Cosmetic glass containers (perfume bottles, essence bottle, cream jar and nail polish bottle).
  2. Pharmaceutical, food and beverage glass container.
  3. Post decoration service including silk screen printing, hot stamp, frosting, coating and electroplating.
  4. Glass container components, caps, pumps and sprayers sourcing.


SA8000 social responsibility declaration

Our commitment to SA8000 social responsibility declaration.
We have stated our social responsibility in our company policy and everyone in our company is abide to it. It's our company policy to protect human rights and provide safe environment for our workers.

Offer a safe working environment

Provide a healthy and safe working environment with protective equipment (gear).

Suitable work hours

For the 84 - hour standard two week period, overtime work is limited to 46 hours per month. At least one day of rest must be provided per week.

Compliance with local work compensation laws

Provide the minimum base wage as mandated by law.

Intellectual property protection

Company information may not be divulged to a unrelated third party.

Free flow of communication

Employee mailboxes, telephone numbers, e-mail address, HR-0800"I have something to say" system, employee representative, management representative.

Follow ethical standards

Clean business operations, no inappropriate benefits, disclosure of financial information, intellectual property protection, fair trade and competition.

Involvement in charity activities


Child labor

No child workers under the age of 16 law.

Acceptance of bribes

Personal or family members may not accept gifts, services, travel or entertainment from business partners.

Forced labor

Employees may not be asked to pay security deposit or hand over identification documents for safekeeping.

Corruption and embezzlement

Personnel are forbidden from taking or receiving any improper benefit or embezzled funds.

Disciplinary action

No personnel may use corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion, verbal abuse or sexual harassment against others.

Discrimination or unfair treatment

No unfair treatment based on race, ethnicity, origin, caste, heritage, religion, physical disability, gender, sexual orientation, family responsibility, union membership, political affiliation or age.

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    Customer Needs
  • 2
    Technical Drawing
  • 3
    Pilot mold production
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    Pilot mold testing
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    Customer Confirmation
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    Mass production
Our Service
  • Design glass packaging and custom mold production
  • Packaging design
  • Stock mold production
  • Components selection and design